Make more money – without salary increase

Ideas that increase your income – and why you should have as many personal sources of income as possible

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When it comes to saving money and building your own financial cushion or even your own small fortune, most people just think about saving. Abandonment and thrift, many think, are the only way to put money on the side. But saving is just one side – there is another obvious way that only very few people go for: increasing their revenue streams.

Of course, most employees can not simply enforce a salary increase or find a better paid job. But there are other possibilities: If possible, open up more revenue streams if you want to enjoy greater financial security and want to spend more money than before.

The thing has another advantage: those who open up other income sources in addition to their regular salary, lives safer and calmer. If, for whatever reason, the job is lost, there are other revenues that may be used to pay even the most necessary expenses.

But how can you tap into additional revenue streams? Here is a small list of ideas as a suggestion:

  • Dividends: More and more stock companies pay out dividends to their shareholders. These are annual distributions, mostly in April or May. Anyone who invests in equities can therefore look for companies that pay high dividends. This can – in addition to the hoped for price gains – bring an additional income.
  • Rental: Platforms like Airbnb make it possible to earn a few euros by renting rooms.
  • Mini Job: Every employee can take a low-tax job in addition to his main job. If you still have enough energy or you feel under-utilized, you can earn up to 450 € extra in the evening or at the weekend.
  • Service for the neighbors: They like to take care of children and do not go out so often in the evening? Then there is a job as a babysitter …
  • Make a hobby a part-time job: If you have a hobby, also check whether this can be used to earn money. If you like to sew or make jewelry, you can start selling your pieces on the market or on the internet.
  • Trainer: You are active in a club and like to get involved there? For example, sports clubs are always looking for instructors for their offers and can pay for a training leader fee, which is not uninteresting.

Remember, many of these sources of revenue may provide only small amounts, which alone do not allow large jumps. But if you tap into several of them, interesting amounts can come from them that can significantly advance your asset accumulation.

Pay attention to the side job always: Before you begin to supplement your salary with a side job, you should look into the employment contract of your first job. This is because it can be regulated that a part-time job is approved or that the employer has to be informed about the secondary job.

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